Close protection

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A security professional, the close protection agent ensures the protection of the physical integrity of the person assisted. It accompanies the person, day and night, in order to provide personalized protection.

Loyal, discreet, versatile and professional, he must also keep his cool in all circumstances to guarantee optimal safety and perfect protection of the person.

A regulated profession, the exercise of the bodyguard function requires specific training.

The missions carried out by our close protection officers, protect you in all circumstances, whatever the different environments you frequent and ensure your physical integrity on a daily basis or on demand according to your needs.

Permanently or occasionally, your bodyguard will be taken to :

  • Site analysis.
  • Evaluate the threats and risks involved.
  • Make decisions for your safety.
  • Secure your places of passage, work and intervention.
  • Guarantee your trips.
  • Defend yourself in the event of attacks of any kind.
  • Control an attacker.
  • Carry out your evacuation in a safe place.
  • Provide you with first aid.