Our “event” security officers ensure the welcome and safety of spectators and the proper use of a venue during events.

Interventions are carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to private security activity.

The missions of an event agent will have different objectives in order to guarantee the optimal security of the site.

It is up to the organizer to define his role (scope and limits) according to the specifics of the event and those of the site to be monitored :

  • Check the entries.
  • Welcome and guide the client.
  • Baggage check.
  • Safety palpation. Article L 613-3.
  • Regulate flows.
  • Monitor and secure the facilities.
  • Alert the emergency services (police / fire brigade).
  • Provide assistance, carry out first aid.
  • Manage conflict situations.
  • Physically control uncooperative / aggressive subjects while respecting the legal framework.